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Front Porch Fix-up This Old House

How to replace weathered, rotting outdoor flooring. How to replace weathered, rotting outdoor flooring Skip to main content Steps // Front Porch Fix-up. 1

Repairing Concrete Steps

Learn how to repair concrete steps. This Seven Trust guide illustrates the steps needed to repair, patch broken and damaged concrete steps.

How to Install Stone Steps Garden Landscape steps

How to Install Stone Steps Replacing worn-out steps with attractive flagstone steps provides a more inviting entry into any outdoor space. This DIY Basic will provide tips on installing stone steps.


If you need to replace any part of your wooden steps, consider using outdoor treated wood. This wood is guaranteed for about thirty years against rotting, and the tree from which it comes makes for a stronger-than-average board.

how to replace outdoor wood steps

Outdoor wooden steps are Watch this video to see how to build exterior steps using precut pressure treated stringers, which makeInstalling a wooden fence using pressure treated wood. Step-by-step instructions for installing 2x12 stair stringers to your deck frame.Most composite decking materials require 12" or even 10" on center spacing.

How to Replace Staircase Treads how-tos DIY

How to Replace Staircase Treads. The experts show how to remove damaged staircase treads and replace them with new treads. How to Build Outdoor Wood Steps 10 Steps.

How to repair your porch steps DIY Seven Trust materials

How to repair and replace your porch/deck steps and make them like new again. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Building Outdoor Wooden Stairs - DIY Network - Duration: 3:13.

Repair or Replace

And replacement is the only real fix for steps that are sinking or have deep cracks. But if your steps are level and have only the usual damage that goes a few inches deep, you can save yourself a ton of money and/or labor by patching or recapping them.

How to Pour Concrete Steps Better Homes and Gardens

Cut angled braces and fasten them to the side forms at the front edge of each step. Then drive 2x4 stakes at the bottom of the braces. Plumb the side forms and fasten the braces to the stakes. To keep the riser forms from bowing, drive a 2x4 stake 18 inches or deeper into the ground in front of the steps.

How To: Repair Concrete Steps

Speed matters: If the stairs serve as the main access to the house or lie along a frequently traveled part of the property, a long and dn-out repair process can be a real nuisance.

Step by Step : DIY Garden Steps and Outdoor Stairs The

Lots of personal experience and instructions from this site on how to build outdoor garden stairs. Another example of recycling, using broken concrete to build outdoor stairs, from EnviroMom . This isnt a complete tutorial, but a great idea that DIYers could take inspiration from.

Repair or Replace

Wait a week and then apply the resurfacer. Mix it in small batches. Then wet all the steps with a water spray bottle and apply the resurfacer Photo 7 . Video: How to Repair Concrete Steps. Usually, its cheaper to repair concrete steps than it is to build new ones. Rick Muscoplat, an expert at The Family Handyman, will show you how to resurface the concrete after you make the repair to make the old and new concrete match perfectly.

How to Replace Rotten Wood on Outside Steps Home Guides

How to Replace Rotten Wood on Outside Steps Score a line around the rotten area using a hammer and chisel. Place the blade of a reciprocating saw perpendicular to the grain of the step, Install a 1/2-inch cutter bit into a plunge router. Set the route bit depth at 1/2-inch. Use a chisel to

How to replace outdoor tiles

Here's how. Step 3 Using tile cutter, cut tile to size if required. Press tile into adhesive so it aligns with adjacent tiles. Hold tile in position using tile wedges. STEP 4 Mix grout with water until you have a smooth consistency. Remove tile wedges. Using grout float, press grout into joins between tiles.

Replace Deck Stairs in 9 Steps

Replace Deck Stairs in 9 Steps How to Build Outdoor Stairs How to Build Outdoor Stairs is the leading independent home improvement and repair website. We

How to Replace a Single Stair Tread on a Set of Stairs Home

Wooden stair treads wear out from the thousands of steps taken on them over your home's lifetime. The wood cracks and splits, weakening the step. Cracked steps often squeak loudly when weight is

How to Replace an Outdoor Water Faucet: 14 Steps

Turn off your homes main water supply valve. 2. Spray lubricant onto the faucet where it connects to the pipe. Lubricant will help to loosen any rust that may have formed on the threads. 3. Open the faucet completely to drain out all of the water. 4. Place one pipe wrench onto the water pipe and one onto the faucet.

Replace Deck Stairs in 9 Steps

The stringers are the sides of the stairs that hold the steps in place. Quite often this is achieved by having the top edge of the stringer cut down so that it forms a set of triangles along the length of the stringer. Each triangle will support one step and one riser. Cut the stringers to the same size and pattern as the old ones you are replacing.

How to Repair Concrete Steps: 12 Steps with Pictures

Concrete steps are exposed to the elements every day. After time, the steps can crack or begin to break apart. Cracked steps pose a potential safety risk to people entering or leaving your home and must be repaired. Use these instructions to repair concrete steps.

Family Tree: How to update exterior concrete steps: replace

How to update exterior concrete steps: replace old carpet with tile Can you use tile for a front entry makeover of worn carpet on concrete stairs? Tile was the best solution for our front steps update.

How to Repair Concrete Steps: 12 Steps with Pictures

How to Repair Concrete Steps Clean the damaged portion of the concrete step. Make a form. Screw 2 short pieces of 1 inch by 6 inch Align the wood form. Place the wood form against the damaged corner of the concrete step so it is Lubricate the form. Spray a coat of cooking oil spray on the

How to Build Exterior Wood Steps Today's Homeowner

How to Build Exterior Wood Steps. Use corrosion resistant screws and nails to assemble the steps. Start by measuring the width of the opening, then cut a treated 2x4 to length to attach to the side of the house as an anchor for the stringers. Remember to take 3 off the length of the anchor board to allow for the thickness of the end stringers.

Replace Wooden Porch Steps HGTV

Steps: 1. Remove the nails holding treads in place. 2. Remove the treads and set aside. 3. In this case the stair's instability was due to the fact the stringers were just resting in 4. Secure the stringers to the header using 90-degree hardened steel L-brackets. 5. Lock down the header by

Best Way to Replace Stair Treads?

If you just need new wearing surfaces, then about any way you want to install them will work for a while. Just remember this: if you top the old treads, then the first step up at the bottom of the staircase will have a higher rise, and the last step at the top of the staircase will have a shorter rise.