attaching horizontal fence posts to concrete

Simple DIY spring home repairs, on the cheap

Use latex concrete caulk to fill up the crack, and smooth it with a putty knife. Before the concrete dries, toss on some sand. We used "leveling sand" on the show, but another type of sand could

Gears of War 2 Walkthrough

Gears of War 2 may be tough, but we're tougher. Check out our Gears of War 2 Walkthrough for the best battle tactics and where to find all those hidden collectibles.

Gardening? Think Vertical

Constant moisture and plant growth can stain your fence or wall. If this is a concern, attach a piece of plastic to the wall before hanging plants. If this is a concern, attach a piece of plastic

Create a giant screen for under $100

Culture Create a giant screen for under $100. CNET's Donald Bell shows you how he created a giant, collapsible projection screen for under $100.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough

Continue around the corner and take cover by a low, concrete wall on the left and work on clearing the street. Push your way up it, taking cover when necessary, and continue up the hill in the back.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time FAQ/Walkthrough for

There are also horizontal poles in the game; you can hang on to these and swing to another area, or a pole. To hang on to a vertical pole, walk underneath it, and jump. Prince will automatically jump up and grab the pole. Here are the pole actions, what you can do: - Swing, by holding R1 - At the peak of your swing i.e. Pince is 90' in the air press UP or DOWN on the Left Analog to switch

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Walkthrough

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Walkthrough Help Leon whip his way to victory in this new 3D action-adventure from Konami. Our walkthrough includes item and creature lists, a full walkthrough for

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation

Drop down to grab the post and then swing and jump into the gravel, pressing at the end to attach yourself to another beam. Swing to the ledges and climb up to the left and then grapple another beam, climbing up the rope until you're high enough to swing over the obstruction.

Best GoPro accessories

GoPro mount 1/4-20 adapter. A big selling point for buying a GoPro is the huge selection of mounts available for use with the company's camera housings.

The Revenge of Shinobi FAQ/Walkthrough for Genesis by

District 3 ===== 3-1 Start this military base off by killing the soldiers behind and in front on the fence to the right. You'll find that shuriken spread will be useful in this level and that you can go behind the fence and back by double jumping. Shuriken spread would be helpful to clear enemies as you go back and forth to either sides. There will be walls behind the fence to block your way

Problem hanging plasma tv

Problem hanging plasma tv There is a concrete wall right next to where the drywall is, but the drywall is NOT mounted directly on the concrete. Please let us know if you have ANY suggestions

Henry Harrison Credits TV Guide

Sign In / Up ; What's On. TV Listings; Watch This Now TV Premiere Dates; New Tonight; What to Stream; 100 Best Shows; Today's Live Sports; Sports Listings; NFL Schedule

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames FAQ/Walkthrough for

Here talk to the marked UP soldier and the grab a ride in the big black tank known as- nah I'm kidding you its actually the small pink scooter behing the fence behind the tank. Drive it to the same drop zone you had last time and get out.Easy money, sad way to earn it though. ----- 0.2.3 Phone Tag Reward: 500k and 250FUEL Bonus: 0k Summary: Place the listening posts after killing the enemies

Critics Say Border Fence Causing Flooding

Environmentalists say flooding caused by a new border security fence in southwestern Arizona shows the structure is being built too quickly and without regard for the environment.

Resident Evil: Director's Cut Plot Analysis for

He has written about his meeting with Vincent, the cruel and vicious man who was promoted to the post of the city's supreme commander. When the manager took a picture of Vincent for a souvenir, Vincent got angry. As our hero searches the manager's desk, he finds the picture of Vincent. It is of himself. Clearly, our hero concludes, he must be Vincent. He must be this cruel man that he keeps

Pig Roast

As I mentioned, for the pig holder, I used two 8' snow-fence posts. Very sturdy. Very sturdy. In between, I used 4" re-bar mesh as well as 4 cross pieces of 1/2" rebar you can pick this all up at a home center, including the blocks .

This Old House

The crew visits Coloma, California, where the Gold Rush began in 1848, to see Sutter's Mill and try their hands at panning for pay dirt. At the house, a break in the rainy weather means the crew