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Ground level on one side, and about 4 ft into the hill on the other side. The retaining wall will be round, and follow the contours of the pool about 1/2 around the pool. The installer said he could install the pool about 6 inches from the wall if I wanted him to, but he suggested about a foot and half space between the wall and pool.

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Above Ground Pool Section. whether it is okay to backfill against the high side of the pool or if I need to have a retaining wall built. raising the low area

Need info on building a retaining wall for above ground pool

Need info on building a retaining wall for above ground pool. to need a retaining wall on the low end of the yard. ground I ran soaker hoses around the pool

Retaining wall for above ground pool

Retaining wall for above ground pool. diameter of the new pool. The retaining wall will be hidden under the deck and practically invisible. a lot in my area

Retaining Walls and Swimming Pools

Many yards that pools are installed in are not your typical flat area. We deal with many differences in elevation throughout our area that we install in. Obviously a pool has to be level, and to achieve that in a lot of cases a retaining wall is needed to level off the desired area where the pool must go.

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Landscaping around an above ground pool that has a retaining wall presents particular challenges. Fortunately, they are simple to overcome. Measure your pool, retaining wall and the area

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Assemble the pool and fill the liner, maintaining the 18-inch space between the pool walls and any soil above grade. Step 4 Fill the pool with water and let it rest for two weeks before you begin adding backfill dirt, recommends the Above Ground Pool Professionals company.

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When your pool was installed, you went through the trouble of making sure the area for the pool was leveled. Now, you likely have a sloping, dirt wall on one side of the pool. You can shore up the

How to Build a Pool: Retaining Walls

RETAINING WALLS FOR INGROUND POOLS. Retaining walls are usually used for sloping backyards. Sometimes a retaining wall is used to add more room for the pool by cutting into a small hillside, or to allow for perimeter space all the way around the pool.

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Ive been asked to design a masonry retaining wall that will be used to partially enclose an above ground residential swimming pool. The retaining wall will range from approximately 6 to 9 feet in height.

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The natural stone hot tub surrounding matches the stone used for the retaining wall. Above the wall the hillside is planted with ornamental grass for a beautiful natural texture and color. The hot tub is raised from the main pool patio with access from clean cut concrete steps.

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Segmental block retaining walls are the most popular for several reasons, including being very attractive and more budget-friendly than masonry walls. Sometimes when there is a slope in the yard that goes down to a level spot where the pool can go, it may be possible to put in a French drain to catch the water before it runs onto the patio.

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Above-Ground Pools; 20 fiberglass pool with retaining walls 24 inches so that the wall can be used to act as a sitting wall. than the wall itself

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

If its a new pool, consider building a retaining wall or digging into a slope Finding or creating level ground for your new above ground pool isnt just a chore its also an opportunity. Many of the most attractive above ground pool areas feature a retaining wall or a partially buried pool.

Few reasons why gravel is best to set and backfill a pool with.

57 stone is used to backfill the side walls of the pool during installation. The size of this stone is about half an inch in size, which works well locking together for greater compaction when it is dropped into the overdig area around the pool.

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I need to design an in-ground shotcrete pool wall the long side of which will be next to a sloping retaining wall, the water will be 3' from the retaining wall. The retaining wall is 1' thick reinforced concrete cantilevered with the heel under grade and is 9' high at the shallow end of the pool.

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Retaining wall to support above ground pool img 1942 800x600 jpg retaining wall for above ground pool lagoon inground pool greenfield center retaining wall to support above ground pool img 1942 800x600 jpg decorative shrubbery around pool above ground landscaping steve w.

Digging your own Inground Pool

Including spacing for bracing; our pool area is 23' x 45'. Mark out the pool dig area with lime or paint and/or 4 stakes and strings. Step 4: Measure for Depth. The top of your pool wall will stick up about 6" above the surrounding ground, to account for the sloping pool deck.

Retaining wall for above ground pool area

Retaining wall for above ground pool area This is the kind with metal frame, and liner is supported by the top rail and legs. Needless to say, yard is sloped maybe 15:1.

Retaining Walls For Pools 101: Types, Prices, And Features

If you're interested in purchasing an inground pool and you have a sloped backyard, then you've probably considered incorporating a retaining wall into your design. In the following video, we'll cover the most popular questions people have about retaining walls around inground pools.

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Rust can be an issue for above ground pools. The truth is that above ground pools are not made to last sorry all you above ground pool owners . The expected lifetime for an inground pool is over 30 years for a properly constructed pool - for above ground pools realistically you should expect 10 years or less of trouble free operation.

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Above Ground Pool with Retaining Walls. Thread starter jnikodym; Start date Aug 9, 2013; and turning that newly done section into your patio/pool/party area You