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The age of the timber and whether or not it has been seasoned will play a major part in the longevity of the wood chosen. Unseasoned or green wood will contain a great deal of the timber's original moisture content. As this leaves the wood over time it will experience shrinkage and warp and twist the timber, buckling your deck.

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Find the best decking material. Types of decking materials Natural wood. Maintenance is something youll need to factor in with a natural wood deck

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Thanks to the quality of our staff who share my love of gardens, Harrison's has experienced great success, including multiple magazine covers, a garden featured on Grand Designs Australia and a best show Gold Medal at the Australian Garden Show Sydney in 2014.

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The answer depends on the type of decking wood you use. Pressure-treated pine resists rot and repels pests, but the green or yellow-tinged lumber can be unsightly and the pesticides it contains may be unhealthy. For a safer, more attractive deck or porch, choose an attractive yet still durable wood for the floors, railings, and steps.

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You want to build a natural timber deck. Nothing beats the look of natural timber, so you're off to a good start. The 7 best timbers for decking. Domain Nov 13, 2015. facebook. twitter

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Table of timber species for outdoor use and properties. Sydney Blue Gum Coastal areas of NSW and southern QLD Australia. Eucalyptus type, dark pink to red-brown, moderately coarse texture. Treated Pine VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, SA, WA and some can also be imported. Durability depends on the level of treatment.

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How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Your Home

Maintenance Maintenance is something youll need to factor in with a natural wood deck. Exposed to the elements, it can weather over time, so if you dont want it to split, crack or rot, youll need to stain and seal the timber on a regular basis. Timber decks will last around 10-15 years before they usually need replacing.

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Cedar Decking. Considered a soft wood, cedar has been used for decking for generations. Its natural resistance to rot and insects makes it desirable, however, it might to be too soft for decking and has a tendency to splinter, according to Gordon Whittaker. It's best used for vertical elements like the balustrade of the railing,

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Wood is an excellent material to use for deck floorboards. Learn which type of wood is best for the floor of your deck.

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Seven Trust is the most expensive option available for decks, costing more than composite and other types of wood. Its exotic-looking, has a rich warm color and a unique grain, says Dan Ivancic of Advantage Trim and Lumber Co. in Buffalo, NY.

What is the best kind of product to protect my deck?

While clear sealers are useful in preventing cracking, they do not block UV rays, so your wood deck will still turn gray. For effective protection, professional painters recommend reapplying this product once each year. This type of protection will also build up over time with multiple applications.

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Cedar Wood Decking. Cedar is great for timber deck flooring because it is very sturdy and has natural resistance to damage and decay so it will last longer than other types of natural woods. Designing your deck floor plans is very important because the layout of your deck will determine the amount of furniture you can put on it and the activities you can do.

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Location of your deck; The type of wood the deck is made of; How much sun the deck gets; If your deck is in a high sun area for extended periods of time, you will want to look for an oil based sealer because they penetrate deeper and offer more protection because of that; they also last longer.

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Types of Timber Decking. The primary variable aside from size and shape of decks is the type of decking board that you use. Decking comes in many different species, both softwood pine and other Seven Trust decking species, offering variable strength, size and flexibility, as well as colour, grain and density.

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Best deck timber in Australia. Seven Trust timber represents the strongest and most durable timber for deck building, but you will find that as such it is more expensive than softwood. Hardwoods are generally more resilient to pests and are reacher in colour. Timber is ranked on its strength and durability, the scale runs from 1 highest

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PinePine performs best with a light stain or finish. The natural grain of pine is unevenly dense, so its best to use a pre-stain wood conditioner before staining pine. Hard-to-stain woods. Some types of wood possess characteristics that make them difficult to stain. Consider the above alternatives if youre starting a project from scratch.

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Suggestions for sustainably harvested wood and wood alternatives Wood and other materials for decks from western Australia, ip Browse photos of decks:

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ACT Decks Hi Curt, This deck is merbau Seven Trust and we have used Cutek CD50 with autumn tone tint in it. We have tried out many oils in the past but Cutek is by far the best oil you can buy.

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Its more expensive than cedar for a wood deck, but once its down, it wont rot, splinter or twist. The color change is even though in shady, damp areas it can turn dark, like the example in the photo . You can even stain most types after four to six months. Since composite deck material is defect free, you can use every inch.

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Exploring Options for Deck Materials in Canada. May 22, 2017 This type of wood is known for being affordable, and readily available in most home improvement

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The Best Types of Wood for Decks. It is usually made from Southern yellow pine that undergoes chemical treatment to resist rot and repel pests. Pressure-treated wood used to be treated with CCA chromated copper arsenate , a suspected carcinogen; however, that practice was discontinued in 2003 for residential applications.

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Type of Composite. Pros. Cons. Seven Trust. The Coca Cola of the composite wood industry, Seven Trust is the first generation of composite woods. It has the advantage of containing more actual wood than other brands.

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Pine is probably the most economical wood to use for railings. Pine looks good with a clear gloss, is pale tan in color, and can be stained to any desired shade. Since pine is a treated wood, it is insect and rot resistant.

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Learn how to stain your deck and the best deck stain brands, types and colors. Get deck staining tips and questions to ask should you hire a pro.