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TRA Snow and Suns products help provide you with safety from the dangers and expense of sliding snow and ice, effective and cost effective mounting systems for solar energy collectors, and flexible roof flashings which have gained international recognition.

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The term snow guard is a relative depending by what you know the product as. Other terms that mean the exact same thing as a snow guard include: snow stop, snow cleats, roof guards, snow pads, snow bird, snow jacks, snow block, ice guards, gutter guards, snow retainer device, snow cleats, snow rail, snow fence for metal roofs, snow retention, roof-top device that keeps snow on roof, ice

Types Snow Retention System Snow Guards and snow brake or

See SNOW GUARD GLUE ON INSTALLATION for a detailed procedure for gluing snow-guards to a glass or metal roof system. Clip-on Snow Retainer Systems: Atas and others offer clips that mount to the horizontal rail of a snow or ice retaining fence or rail, providing an additional degree of snow and ice retention on roofs.

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Snow Guards for Metal Roof Buildings

Snow Guards for metal roofs. Discount and wholesale pricing. Protect gutters, stop wind panel uplift, easy home improvement. Stop snow slides and damage caused by avalanching snow and ice.


We sell a variety of snow fence and snow rails for all types of roofs, either for new construction or on existing roofs retrofit . We have the largest selection of snowguards and rails on the internet

Snow Fencing

Security barriers create an enclosed space or linear Security barriers create an enclosed space or linear fence panel for outdoor areas. Security fences are great for crowd control job site security storage/transport pallet systems and more. Framing is made of 1-1/8 in. Dia x 19-Gauge tubular steel.

Snow guards and metal roofs 101

In the case of a metal roof, the force snow guards can withstand can be calculated simply by following these steps Figure 7 : Figure 5: Gutters, facia, and trim can all fall prey to an uncontrolled avalanche of sliding snow and must be protected by snow guards.. 1. Obtain the roof snow load.


Snow guards are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or allow snow and ice to melt completely before falling to the ground. The installation of snow guards prevents the sudden release of snow and ice from a roof, which is known as a roof avalanche.

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We manufacture clamp on snow guards for metal roofs, as well as bolt down and screw down systems for Asphalt, Tile, and Slate roofing. AceClamp systems also help stop falling ice with our convenient and easy-to-install ice guard attachments.

Snow Fence for metal roof installation

Re: Snow Fence for metal roof installation Unless your roof is designed to hold snow, then it is usually pretty difficult to get snow fencing to work. At best screwing down the snow fence causes leaks, at worst it warps the structure or pulls the screws out.


Welcome to Zaleski Snow Guards. We have specialized in snow guards since 1950. Our snow guards can be found on a multitude of roofs throughout the US and Canada. Our Customers. Our success is revealed through the faithfulness of many long time customers: architects roofers building product distributors construction professionals home owners

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EVERTILE is a world-renowned company established in Czech Republic EVERTILE has built numerous roofs across four continents and more than 20 countries. The concept and technology behind EVERTILE has allowed for a unique product to withstand any climate across the globe. EVERTILE provides exceptional customer service and an impressive 50-year warranty.

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In summary, the double pipe Sno Shield Snow Rail Deck Mount is a pad-style snow fence roof system used for medium snow retention. It is a continuous two pipe style snow guard system that helps prevent rooftop avalanches off of metal roofs such as standing seam metal roofs, or non-standing seam metal roofs, shingled roofs or slate roofs.

Metal Roof Snow Retention Snow Stops for Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Snow Retention Solutions. When snow accumulations begin to melt, the result can be catastrophic as the blanket of snow avalanches off the roof dumping tons of snow onto anything in its path. It can damage landscape, gutters, adjacent roofs, vehicles and cause injury or death to passers-by.

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Snow rail is basically a snow fence for standing seam metal roofs. Snow Rail is necessary when one wants to help prevent a snow avalanche off the roof. We sell products from a variety of snow guard companies.

Snow Guards for Metal Roofing

Metal roof snow guards prevent the avalanche of frozen precipitation on sloped metal roofing located in winter climates. Our roof snow guards for standing seam panels, shingles, chimneys and vents help protect gutters, landscaping and pedestrians.


A snow barrier for a roof having modular components including brackets that slidingly interfit into rails that extend up and down the slope of the roof. The brackets may be rotated to provide fences of differing heights. A corrugated fence is easily installed by reason of a self-positioning, hooked, upper flange formed along the upper edge of the corrugated fence.


"Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is 1 These guys are great and customer service is really solid. As a roofing contractor, snow retention is a big part of our business, but is so technical we could never learn all there is to know about it in a lifetime.

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snow and ice from commercial and residential roofs since 1996. Snostop is a leading supplier of snow guards for federal, provincial, industrial, commercial and corporate snow guard projects in Canada and USA.

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Snow Guards for Standing Seam Metal Panel Roof Snow Retention. We partner with a couple of companies that have engineered roof snow fence systems that do not require that the user penetrate the waterproof barrier these roof systems supply. By clamping to the roof seam itself, you can create an exceptionally strong barrier that will hold the

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We sell high quality building products including fall protection, snow retention, and wood treatment. We are based in Canada. Snow guard products we sell include Snojax, Snoblox, Icejax, Snowbreaker, Snowbreaker 3M, Eco-Blox, Snowcatcher, SnoBar, ColorBar, Ventsaver, and more


Home - Sno Gem is known worldwide for advanced snow retention and snow guard systems for metal, TPO, PVC, EPDM membrane, shingle, and standing seam roofs.

Snow Fence Ask The Experts Forum Metal Roofing Alliance

Large sections of snow slid off and damaged some gutters. We are planning on installing a snow fence to avoid this in the future. The fences are 10 feet long and 2" high, forming a 42-48-90 triangle. My roof overhang is 2 feet at the soffit and the gable ends. How far from the gutter is the optimum position to install them?


Snow Guards for All Types of Roofs - Low profile unobtrusive snow guards that are simple, effective, and affordable We have specialized in snow guards since 1950. Our snow guards can be found on a multitude of roofs throughout the US and Canada. Our Customers. Our success is revealed through the faithfulness of many long time customers