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Peach happened to land on the balcony of Booster Tower. A stranger to the interactions of normal humans, Booster decided to marry Peach despite her pleas of "MARIOHELPMEMARIOHELPME MARIOHELPME." Intent of making Peach his bride, Booster kidnapped her to the marriage resort, Marrymore. Mario and his crew intervened just in time, however; Booster ended up kissing Bowser and returning to his

Timberlake's Back With A Sexy Future

Man pleads guilty to throwing 5-year-old boy from mall balcony Emmanuel Aranda faces 19 years in prison 8M ago Connecticut AG calls alleged drug price-fixing an "attack" 43 states and Puerto

GOP Leaders Settle Spending Spat

Removing another obstacle, they also decided to include $3.1 billion in extra aid for farmers, to be paid for by finding savings from the huge agriculture bill enacted last year.

Is Ethanol The Answer?

But oil prices are off from last year's peaks and corn has doubled in price over the past year, from about $2 to $4 a bushel, thanks mostly to demand from ethanol producers.

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Flames licked its shattered timber, and a fireball smoldered within. The weary Prince took sustenance at a fountain basin. -- THE PALACE BALCONY ----- He stepped over the bodies of fallen soldiers, and emerged over a low balustrade to a tiled roof along a secluded yard. An open balcony beckoned him to a familiar building. "Home," he reflected, "and yet nothing is as I remember. Objects once

Speaker Ryan's "strange bedfellows" partnership with Trump

Speaker Ryan's "strange bedfellows" partnership with Trump. It's no secret that House Speaker Paul Ryan didn't want Donald Trump to be president.

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- Timber cutting: To get wood for your constructions, first chop timber with a chainsaw or a hatchet in the Timberman mini-game. Then move all the logs with a crane and cut them with the circular saw.

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His ammo prices, however, get steeper and steeper as you progress to new levels. A penny-wise Vault Hunter will soon realize that Marcus gouging can be avoided by using a Fast Travel Station to return to the Southern Shelf, or similar early-level locations, for ammo and grenades on the cheap. This can save a Vault Hunter tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the game. A new on

Former Wash. Gov. Booth Gardner dies

William Booth Gardner was born Aug. 21, 1936, in Tacoma to his socialite mother, Evelyn Booth and Bryson "Brick" Gardner. According to his biography, he was first named Frederick, but a few days

The Birth Of America

Brace for higher prices for iPhones, shoes and more if tariffs kick in Thousands of products the U.S. imports from China could soon cost more -- here's how much it could run you 27M ago

Apache finds a 3 billion barrel oil bonanza in Texas

DALLAS - A Houston driller is boasting of a big new oil and gas discovery in West Texas. Apache Corp. APA believes there could be 3 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of natural

Massachusetts plans venomous rattlesnake colony on island

BOSTON-- A plan by the state to establish a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an off-limits island in Massachusetts' largest body of water has some rattled by visions of dangerous serpents

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Enemy List. Enemies in this section are listed A-Z, rather than by area this is due to quirks in how FFVIII's enemies are placed and the fact that many occur in a number of places .

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Go there, and find the key on a table at the balcony's end. Inside the storage room is a few supply containers first aid, ammo , but nothing amazing. Use the "hide and wait" option near the laboratory window to observe a scripted unskippable chat between Chase, Faraday and DiMA. OPTION 2: Hack Faraday's terminal: This is the master-level terminal in the upper server room. Once inside

Oregon shooting: Umpqua Community College in Roseburg site

The rural town of Roseburg lies west of the Cascade Mountains in an area where the timber industry has struggled. In recent years, officials have tried to promote the region as a tourist